50th Alum Virtual Gathering - Shared screen with speaker view
Heather Higinbotham Davies
Hello from Bozeman! I was in the class of 2003. Currently working half time with the City sustainability office, teaching at MSU, and doing sustainable business operations contract work with DEQ and MSU extension. :)
Hannah Stebbins
Hello from NYC! I was the class of 1996. I am currently working as a sustainability coordinator at a school in Manhattan
Lindsay Wancour
Hello from Bozeman! Class of 2017 I recently started a job with Adventure Scientists as their Project Creation Manager :-)
Christopher Rota
Greetings from Morgantown, West Virginia from Beth (Neely) Rota. Class of 2007. I am working as the Policy and Quality Assurance Manager for Quality Certification Services, an organic certification agency that serves organic producers across the US and worldwide, certifying to the US, European, and Canadian organic standards.
Alex Rich
Hello from Missoula! Class of 2013. Currently working for the University of Montana Foundation as a Development Director and was previously with Montana Conservation Voters for 6 years.
Hello from Portland, Oregon! Erica Curry, class of 2007. I’m currently the National Director of Education at FoodCorps, working in 18 states across the country to shape a new vision for food and garden education. Focus is on community/place based and culturally responsive education to nurture interest in eating sustainably.
Dov Weinman
Hello from Taylorsville, CA. EVST graduate program 2015. Currently a watershed coordinator at the Sierra Institute for Community and Environment, working with multi-stakeholder collaboratives in the Sierra Nevada.
Becca Hall
Hello from Fall City WA. Class of 2006. I’m the founder and lead educator of Frog Hollow School, a writing program for kids (maybe one of the only writing programs where students get muddy head-to-toe). I’m also parenting and writing essays and fiction.
Greetings from Missoula! Peggy Schmidt here, class of 1993. After working part-time at various jobs in the field of environmental education, having 2 kids and getting into public school teaching, I have finally settled into what I really love, which is teaching preschool. Currently teaching preK at the Alberton Public Schools. Trying to set a good example of environmental stewardship for those little people.
Anna Peterson
Hi all – this is so wonderful! Anna (Swanson) Peterson class of 2005 living in Durango, Colorado. I run my own communications public affairs company – Conservation Conservation - where I work with national conservation organizations on communications, outreach, and events. I’m also the Executive Director of The Mountain Pact - an organization that works with 50+ mountain communities across the American West on federal policy related to outdoor rec, public lands, and climate change issues. SO wonderful to see you all and to celebrate EVST’s 50th Anniversary!
Lauren Varney
Hello from Portland, OR. Class of 2003. I am the co-founder and former co-executive director of Home Resource in Missoula, MT. I now live in Portland with my home bound sophomore twin daughters, home from Stanford, and my partner Amie Thurber (UM Social Work class of 2003...I think) I now have my own contracting business focused on permaculture and reuse renovations, art, fabrication, and construction.
Seeking Sustainability Lecture/action series celebrated EVST's 50th birthday and Earth Day's 50th birthdayfeatured 30 EVST alums/students/faculty and 20 other folks -- all working to move Missoula towards a more sustainable & just society.All the presentations can be seen athttps://scholarworks.umt.edu/seeking_sustainability_lectures/
Patti Jo
good job
Bryony Schwan
Great work Souta
Daniel Spencer
Wonderful presentation, Souta — so eloquent!
Neva Hassanein
Hi Friends!
Neva Hassanein
Souta Calling Last
Billy Stern
Amazing stat on those closures!
Bert Lindler
Not and EVST grad, but an admirer of the wonderful grads who have made such a fantastic contribution to our community, our state, and our nation. Enjoying the presentations.
Kelley Segars
Greetings from Knoxville, TN (love the shout out to Dolly Parton, Mary Anne!). After 20 years working in sustainable transportation planning, I’m focusing on being a mom, a volunteer at our children’s theatre, and doing landscaping. Lately I have been making a LOT of face masks. Looking forward to the time when I can see all of your lovely faces in person!!!
Erich Zimmermann
Hello from Washington, DC. I am a 2003 grad and am now the Deputy Director and Transportation Director at the National Association of Regional Councils. Thanks for this great virtual program and look forward to celebrating EVST soon.
Souta Calling Last
Thank you for this work Mary Anne!
Roger Poirier
Great work Mary Anne - good luck with the new position!
Hello from Seattle, WA! Class of 2018 and think often of that Greening of Religion class, Dan! I’m currently working as an Engagement Strategist, doing communications and writing for the enviro-justice org, Sustainable Seattle. Hope to meet you all in person some day!
Mark Carlson
Amazing panel, thanks! Greetings from Sacramento, class of 1979 I think, or ’78 (when I finished my internship with Northern Rockies Action Group in Helena). Dov, I would have worn my Moonlight Fire t-shirt had I known about you. Dave, I probably have your Seasons of Fire on my shelves somewhere. CalFire career seasonal from 1970-1998, and lived at Missoula FD Sta. 2 as a “sleeper firefighter by the rose garden during school terms ’75’77. Mary Anne, my first paid gig out of UM was working for large corn irrigators - yes, strange bedfellow - to try to stop Sunflower Electric G&T co-op from building Unit 1 at Holcumb KS. Highlight was arranging through Wes Jackson for Amory Lovins to come to Holcumb - first heard him in Missoula. And Sunlower just gave up on Unit 2 etc. - woohoo.
Bryony Schwan
Hi Everyone,
Mary Anne Hitt (she/her)
Thank you all for the kind words!
Bryony Schwan
After founding Women’s Voices for the Earth and working there for 12 years, I left to start The Biomimicry Institute where I served as the Executive Director for 8 years. During that time we partnered with universities in Europe, Asia, South and Central America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and across the US. After that I created a small tech company and built an app called Kindkudos. For the last four years I’ve had my own consulting company doing organizational development and leadership coaching.
Bryony Schwan
Fabulous work Mary Anne
Andrew Slade
Hi all it’s Andrew Slade 1990-1991, living in Duluth and doing Great Lakes policy. Miss those mountains!!
Neva Hassanein
Dave is such an incredible environmental champion on the County Commission, joined by our former faculty member, Josh Slotnick, and by Juanita Vero, former chair of Montana Conservation Voters. Thanks for your leadership, Dave!
Bryony Schwan
I want to encourage everyone to add your news and what you are doing here in the chat.
Michele Archie
Hey all from the central California coast. it’s Michele Archie, 1995 I think! I remain a certifiably unemployable consultant, with a small firm that focuses on economic analysis, communications and community economic development mostly for rural high-amenity places — I could go on and on — the Harbinger Consultancy.
Mary Anne Hitt (she/her)
Thank you Dave for your great work and optimism!
Heather Sarantis’s iPhone
greetings from berkeley, ca. I am finishing a three year process of developing a breast cancer prevention plan for california-focused on a systemic health and justice lens of ending health disparities. should be released June/July.
Allison May
Hi all! I miss you and miss hearing about the amazing work you all do. Allison Holt May here, class of 2005. After graduating, I spent a year working on the development of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. Once the recession hit in 2007, and with a new
Allison May
daughter, I went back to school and became a family nurse practitioner. I currently work for the Tennessee Department of Health.
christine kaufmann
Hello from Helena; class of ’86 I think. After serving in the Montana legislature from 2001 - 2016 and as executive director of the Montana Human Rights Network from 1991 - 2008, I am now retired. I’m chair of Carol’s List, which works to elect progressive women to the Montana legislature. Spent lots of time tracking these right wing anti-government movements like the Bundy bunch at the Human Rights Network.
Terri Nichols
Go EVST! :+) This is Terri Nichols, class of 2018. I’m helping to support and provide resources to local watershed conservation organizations with the Montana Watershed Coordination Council.
Abby Huseth
Hi everyone! Class of '16 here. Since I graduated I've been here in Missoula, working with Climate Smart Missoula to help reduce our contribution to the climate crisis and build a more resilient and equitable community. We work a lot with local government and are incredibly fortunate to have strong climate leadership in Dave, Josh, and so many others. I love my work, engaging, educating and communicating with Missoulians of all stripes about the climate crisis and empowering people to take action. There's no doubt in my mind that without EVST, I would not be doing this work that I find so meaningful. Thanks for this event tonight - I am always so inspired by the diverse and thoughtful work that EVSTers are doing all over the world!
Mary Anne Hitt (she/her)
Can't wait to read you book Betsy - great points!
Roger Poirier
What a crew! honored to be among everyone here. After playing hooky in Switzerland for a few years, I’m back in the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado, serving as a Public Affairs Officer and Director of Recreation for the White River National Forest. Yes, deeply embedded in the administration but trying to fight the good fight. It’s so good to see everyone - keep the up the great work, it’s more important now than ever.Lastly, seeing Don Snow’s name here made my day.
Mark Carlson
Betsy, I’d like to speak with you if interested about a Twin Falls-based blog post that called out to a public debate “pansy pastors and pitiful preachers” who move to online services. I also got an email from the US attorney’s office today about their letter to Newsom re 1st Amendment free excercise. I am so glad you are paying attention. At a gun violence conference in DC in the 1990’s, with ATF participating, I tried to call their attention to militias that had been featured by investigative reporting by High Country News. A few month later - the Murrah Building in OKC. markecarlson2475@gmail.com
Bryony Schwan
Questions everyone?
Neva Hassanein
I want to read it and consider using it for our graduate course on Foundations of Change.
Ann Krumboltz
What an impressive set of presentations! Thanks to EVST and all your graduates.
Daniel Spencer
I have family working in the Natl Wildife Refuge system — the Malheur takeover was terrifying
Megan Hollingsworth / Extinction Witness
Thanks all! Would you all please share preferred website links? Thanks, all love, megan
Michele Archie
Betsy mentioned the CO2 reduction and hope about how we leverage and extend that. practically speaking, at a community organizing/activism standpoint, what do you all see as the best points of leverage?
Len Broberg
Hello to you all! What are the key steps to take now to stem the tide of what we are all fighting. Your top 2 or 3?
Abby Huseth
Mary Anne, and anyone else who wants to answer - would love to hear some examples of virtual organizing strategies that are working well right now (particularly around climate). Most recent Yale study showed that people are still very concerned about climate change - how do we harness that in practical terms when we can't mobilize people in person?
Mark Carlson
Betsy, let’s get this into the hands of Christian Century and Sojourners, if you have not already. I have a good relationship with Avid Reader in Sacramento, just dropped $72 there today!
This spring EVST offered a Seeking Sustainability Lecture/action series to celebrate EVST's 50th birthday and Earth Day's 50th birthday --featured 30 EVST alums/students/faculty and 20 other folks -- all working to move Missoula towards a more sustainable & just society.All the presentations can be seen athttps://scholarworks.umt.edu/seeking_sustainability_lectures/
In answer to Len's question: volunteering for political campaigns.
Megan Hollingsworth / Extinction Witness
thanks for the link!
robert kiesling
What do any of you make of the recent Michael Moore documentary (Planet of The Humans) slamming renewables and their champions (like Bill McKibben)?
Hello from Portland, Oregon! I was at EVST from 1993-1995 - seems like yesterday. I currently work on Pacific Ocean conservation issues (fisheries management and coastal habitat, mostly) for the Pew Charitable Trusts. It's so fantastic to see everyone here! Huge thanks to Dan and Bryony for bringing us together, and to Souta, Mary Anne, Dave, and Betsy for your wonderful words and presentations this evening.
Len Broberg
Crow Tribe has the Centerpole operation that is operating a food bank and needs donations to support its operation which has seen an increase in demand from 20000 lbs of week for food to 50000 lbs plus so go to https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=OzoBhtvfYzyiUPHxCstgQSg9UFqxzXBpaANO7CxzcDYnL5na94g0ekVmYKtLVfk9t_pzRG&country.x=US&locale.x= to support them (4 cases in the last week of COVID)
Souta Calling Last
Thanks everyone! Hi Len!!! So appreciate your questions and participation.
Souta Calling Last
Souta, thank you for the link.
Mark Carlson
Question to Mary Anne about wind. I spoke with an art galley owner in Kansas yesterday, ordering a gift for Helen Swem, age 95, widow of former president of The Wilderness Society. As we talked, I said I was pondering joining a countersuit against people who have blocked by nuisance litigation a pretty large wind farm that has been permitted. I have 75 acres under lease, drop in a big bucket. She replied that in her county, those proposing wind were not treating them well, as neighbors. She said she had donated to the opposition, and used the term “big wind.” I know there is a global anti-big wind movement that looks for the worst in wind. Thoughts? Big oil, big coal, and now big wind. “obviously,” big wind is “bad.” Thoughts? Maybe this ties with Kiesling’s question re Michael Moore.
Abby Huseth
Thanks Mary and and Dave for your insights - and your good work!
Many professional conferences will be virtual -- Ecological Society of America, American Fisheries Society, etc
Len Broberg
Great to see you Betsy and best wishes on your book and thanks for tracking the buddy’s and others. We need a Northern Rockies Poverty Law Center tracking these folks!
Len Broberg
Bundy’s not buddys!!!!
YES. I worked with Bill when I lived in VT. He is great.
Megan Hollingsworth / Extinction Witness
the film is worth watching, if just to get a feel for the message
Thanks for the question about ordering my book! It’s available through independent bookstores or through torreyhouse.org
robert kiesling
Betsy, did you pound on the Bozangeles EVSTers to cough up some bucks for the 50th Celebration? We need to keep up the fundraising!
carolyn duckworth
Hi, all. EVST 92-94, journals as activist tools. Love seeing all of you here. I’ve continued my field journal advocacy, and also work full-time for National Park Service as a writer and editor. EVST was so very important to me, and continues to support and encourage my work (not related to NPS) and I encourage alum to stay in touch with the faculty and you’ll be amazed how they can help. Shout out to so many people, and so happy to see so many different cohorts here tonight. Thank you Bryony for your hard, visionary work to make this happen.
one request I have of all you alums is to send me jobs you see that would interest graduating students & even older alums -- so I can send them out on the Envirojobs list serv -- it has helped many of our students and alums find jobs. vicki
Dov Weinman
Thank you Souta, sounds like a really great project. Matching scale to what best serves communities/people! Brilliant!
Mark Carlson
Bob Riesling - notes from the 11/3/77 meeting of the Energy and Environment Task Force of the Montana Religious Legislative Coalition - found in the garage yesterday: Bob “take off gloves, need to fight bad legislation.” “change . . . priorities . . not an ‘in the middle’position. “Soft energy paths - Lovins” . . .”endorsement of PUD’s - MT had years ago.”
Yes, Sojourners! And Lauren you messaged me privately, but I put the book order in this chat feed.
Jonathan Proctor
So impressed with this panel and your work! update on me: I’m regional director for Defenders of Wildlife now living in Denver. Been moving back and forth between MIssoula and Denver for 26 years now(!). Right now while stuck in the center of the big city I’m really missing MIssoula. Great to see some old friends here!
Christopher Rota
I am so impressed by all of you, the great work you are doing, and the energy that I am feeling from this meeting. We have such a diversity here across so many sectors of the environmental movement, and I feel like this here is the answer to Len's question about the key steps to stem the tide. This is it... instead of sitting in our own corners of the environmental movement, we need to be getting together and sharing ideas and creating force multipliers to take on the systemic and institutional forces we are all working to overcome.
Len Broberg
Mark- how specifically were they “bad neighbors”? There is no guarantee that wind corporations will be any better than any other corporations. There will be “good” ones and “bad” ones.
Bryony Schwan
Kert DaviesDirectorClimate Investigations Centerwww.ClimateInvestigations.org
Mark Carlson
There was a reference to roads, but there is no development in that county.
Souta Calling Last
I love it!
Souta Calling Last
Podcast: No place like home
Bryony, Dan and everyone here: Thank you for being a ray of light, now, all these years past and for many more to come! Here’s to EVST!
Billy Stern
Thank you everyone!
Heather Higinbotham Davies
Thank you so much for hosting this and all the important work everyone is doing!
Abby Huseth
Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement, everyone - it is much needed in this time!
Hannah Stebbins
Thank you so much!
Lindsay Wancour
Thank you everyone! What a positive boost during these challenging times! Such amazing work across the board!
Neva Hassanein
Great to “see” you all! Keep the faith.
Daniel Spencer
So wonderful to see everyone in the meeting tonight — you all inspire and sustain me so much in who you are and all the work you do. Thank you!
Anna Peterson
Thanks you all so much - this was really inspiring and hopeful. What an amazing program - thank you, EVST! Happy 50th Anniversary!