The DDP Explains New ABA Services - Shared screen with speaker view
Shawna Hanson
Hi all! Welcome! If you would like to turn captions on, go to your Zoom tool bar and click on the cc symbol, or if you don't see that, click on "More" and turn on subtitles.
Jennifer Banna
Hello, thank you for being here tonight. We will be answering questions at the end of the presentation.
Shawna Hanson
Lindsey has given permission to share her PowerPoint - we'll email it to you tomorrow.
James Blood
ABA has been and continues to be AMAZING for my 8 yr old with autism. Our son has been at Peach Tree for 3 yrs. James Dewey at Peach Tree is a fantastic therapist. Wish we had financial help with it, but we just get more and more in debt. Make to much money for Medicaid, but not enough to pay it off comfortably. Sad situation!
Shawna Hanson
You're not alone in that by a long shot, James. Thank you for sharing your son's success! My own son learned some critically important safety and academic skills through an ABA program in our home. It was a homegrown effort ♥
Jolynn Page
Agree with you James. My family is in the same boat.
Shawna Hanson
Please make sure you are muted. Thank you!
Robin MacMillan
Do the families need to sign a waiver to cover HIPPA issues with group delivery plan?
Robin MacMillan
Does a family need to have both multiple function delay along with ASD? What if ASD is not part of the diagnosis?
Jennifer Banna
Robin, I am keep track of your questions
Robin MacMillan
thank you
Shawna Hanson
Thank you for the questions, Robin! Everyone, please feel free to write your questions in the chat. Jenn will keep a list of questions to ask Lindsey following the slides. Should we run out of time, we'll share the list with Lindsey and get back to you via email.
Tabitha Cabrera
Is there access to services if someone does not qualify for Medicaid because of the financial qualifications which many people do not fit into outside of the 0208 waiver which has a very long waitlist?
Elizabeth Cummings
What are the qualifying mental health conditions now covered for services? Is Emotional Disturbance a qualifying condition?
Shawna Hanson
Thank you, Elizabeth and Tabitha! Jenn has noted your questions.
Jolynn Page
Want to know same as question from Tabitha
Robin MacMillan
If a request is denied, even with explanation, can a family file a 'do over'? lol Sorry can't think of the word
Sommer Eberly
Is this available for those who are on Healthy MT Kids or only for those on full Medicaid?
Dani Mues
Does the department of child and family services have any thing that we should be aware of ?
Tabitha Cabrera
I would love to speak to someone at families to families
Michaela Viviano
A struggle I’ve found is getting people in for those initial assessments. The waitlists are extremely long and sometimes months out depending on the evaluation. Can we get families in pending those assessments?
Shawna Hanson
Hi Tabitha. We'd love to visit with you. Please write the Family to Family at montanaf2f@umontana.edu and we'll connect.
Jolynn Page
I would love to speak with someone as well.
Laura Christiaens
If a child has already been determined eligible for the previous state Autism Program, do they need to reapply for the ABA Services Program? And I am interested in providers who would serve the Browning area because up to this point families in Browning have not been able to access ABA Services.
Tabitha Cabrera
Thank you!
MaryAnn Hunt
For families who have private insurance is it a yes only if their insurance covers the services, or are their ways to help them advocate for coverage?
Shawna Hanson
Hey all. Please take a couple of minutes to fill out our super short survey. Your responses will help us become a stronger resource for families. Thank you! https://umt.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_e96IgOKiWtZKfUq
Shawna Hanson
This is an impressive list. Nice change to services, serving so many diagnoses.
Charise Lemelin
Here is the link to the CMHB Medicaid Provider Manual that has the SED list. https://dphhs.mt.gov/assets/dsd/CMB/CMHBMedicaidServicesProviderManual100121.pdf
Shawna Hanson
Thank you, Charise!
Charise Lemelin
Yep. The Functional Impairment Criteria is also listed in the CMHB Medicaid Provider Manual.
Lindsey Carter
Izzy Scott
We are in Lakeside and were told we were outside the area covered by BCBA’s in Kalispell so could not have BCBA’s come to our home - where previously our daughter had greatly benefitted from ABA services (when we lived rural AK). What would be our next step in trying to get ABA for our daughter or is it still a case of there not being enough BCBA’s to cover much of rural MT?
Dani Mues
Can you email participants contact information for each region and/or where to find it please.
Shawna Hanson
Hi Dani. We can do that. Look for it tomorrow, and thank you for asking!
K Macefield
can we get a transcript of this information?
Shawna Hanson
We are recording the meeting, K. I should be able to email you the link to a recording including transcript. Look for that at some point tomorrow. Thank you for asking!
Robin MacMillan
I think the getting the appointment for an assessment is long (?)
Shawna Hanson
We have very savvy parents and professionals on this call - tough questions = a great discussion. Thank you! Again, if we run out of time before your question gets answered, we will follow up via email. Please do complete our short survey before you go: https://umt.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_e96IgOKiWtZKfUq
Kristi Buerkle
I am so sad I jumped on late was this by chance recorded?
Afton Russell
When did the rollover from the former program to the ABA happen? I’m just thinking it could take more than 6 months to get an apt with an appropriate level practitioner for the reauthorizatios?
Kristi Buerkle
Thank you!
Robin MacMillan
if a family moves into MT who already has an ASD diagnosis and qualifies for Medicaid, would they get priority placements to get ABA therapy vs a newly diagnosed family?
Robin MacMillan
Thank you Lindsey, Jenn and Shawna for providing our families with such hard and confusing information. Much appreciated.
Shawna Hanson
Thank you, Robin!
Jolynn Page
Can parents access medicaid through a paid plan or are their supplemental insurance plans?
Emmie Philp
Thank u for all your time and work!! WE as parents greatly appreciated u all!!
Charise Lemelin
I wonder if Frontier Psychiatry can provide more timely appointments for people. They do all telehealth and serve the whole state.
Robin MacMillan
I'm interested on getting on the list as a Parent Partner
Melissa O'Neill
Melissa O'Neill-moneill@childdevcenter.org. I am interested in getting on the interested parties list
Dustan Toth
interested parties list. Dustan Toth, LCPC dtoth@rimrock.org
Laura Christiaens
I would like to be on the interested parties list. lchristiaens@benchmarkhs.com And thank you for putting this training together!
Katherine Hibbs
I’d also like to be on the list, Katherineh@step-inc.org
Virginia Cole
I would like to be on the parties list. gcole@benchmarkhs.com
Shawna Hanson
Melissa O'Neill
Thank you for all the helpful information!
Dani Mues
Interested parties list Danielle.Mues@mt.gov